How To Delete Photos And Albums In Picasa

How To Delete Photos And Albums In Picasa

Picasa is the integrated web album application from Google, and that means that the program works within your Google account. You cannot actually delete your Picasa account without deleting your whole Google account. Because of this, you need to learn how to remove albums and photos from the app so that you can permanently delete them from the server. You may need to do this for a number of reasons, but no matter what your reasons, you deserve to maintain your privacy.

There are a few steps below that you can use to delete photos, to delete albums using the Batch Upload feature, and to ensure that you are not forced to delete your Google account. You can also visit to save on Picasa and other Google products.

1. Start On The Application Page

When you launch the application, you will see the standard layout along with all the tabs for navigation through the program. You should click on “Tools” so that you can access the albums or photos that you would like to delete. Once you have gotten into the tools menu, you can see all the options available to you. You will start with the “Batch Upload” tool.

2. Batch Upload

When you use Batch Upload to manage your albums, all the albums will appear so that you can select them and do as you wish. If you would like to save your albums to a new location that is private, you can do so from this menu. You may also use the Batch Upload to save the photos to a private hard drive.

You can also delete albums from this location.

3. Check Off The Albums You Want To Delete

This is the point at which would need to decide if you want to delete the entire album. Some albums can be deleted with no trouble at all. This is perfectly fine if you are not worried about losing any of the pictures in the album. However, you may need to look rough the album to ensure that you have saved all the photos you want to keep. Click on the box for each album you want to delete.

4. Remove Online

You should click on the “remove online” box so that the pictures will be deleted from the server. You can do this with each album that you would like to remove. Some people do not know they can use this tool, and they end up deleting pictures one at a time for no reason.

5. What About The Browser?

If you go into the browser version of Picasa, you will be asked to sign in with your Google login. You can change the account you are logged in to, and you may need to go to multiple accounts to delete your photos if they are housed in different places. You need to use a browser that is updated so that you can use all the options that are provided by the webpage right now. If you are using an old browser or a mobile browser, it may not work very well. Alternatively, you can request the desktop page from a mobile browser.

6. Albums And Actions

You should click on the album that you could like to delete under the actions tab when you click. You will have the option to delete the album, but there are other things you can do like save the album somewhere else before you delete it. This is a good way to save the album to an external hard drive before deleting.

7. No Batch Deleting

You cannot delete batches of web albums at once when you are in the browser. However, you can use this tutorial to quickly get through each of the albums that needs to go. This prevents you from deleting the pictures one at a time. Even though you cannot delete batches of albums at once, you can delete more than one photo at a time. You can click on the “organize” tab, and then you can choose all the photos you would like to delete. Hold down the Ctrl key when you are selecting photos, and click delete when you are done. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete these photos, and you can move on tot he next album.

8. Conclusion

When you are using this tutorial to delete your photos from your albums, you need to understand what your options are depending on which version of the program you are using. The browser version is not as powerful as the application. You can use the steps to delete albums that you need to remove from your online account, or you can go through and delete pictures that you do not want people to see. You have a right to protect your privacy, but you might not have realized this was an option.

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