The Best Apps To Play With Friends

The Best Apps To Play With Friends

When you are trying to find some apps that you can play with friends, you need to consider what games you like to play, how you keep in touch with your friends, and if you would like to play these games every day. There are five apps listed below that you will enjoy playing with friends because these are easy to manage, do not require much effort, and have a messaging feature that is easy to use. Plus, you can all band together to play these games if you are in the same room, on a walk, or thousands of miles apart.

1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is an extremely popular game that feels a bit like an old board game where you would choose as many words as you could find in a block of letters. This game is a competitive version that times you, asks you to pick as many words as you can find, and challenges you to think of more creative words every time. You can compare scores with your friends, and you can turn this friendly competition into a weekly brain exercise that is good for both of you.



2. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a game that you play in the out of doors, in stores, in shops, and even in your office. You can collect Pokémon and battle people wherever you go, and you may build your own gym at your office or home. Plus, you can go on walks with your friends to collect more Pokémon. This game is so interactive that you can literally play it anywhere, and you could run into a number of people who control gyms in the areas where you are exploring.

Multiplayer apps often require a lot of engagement while you sit in one place, but Pokémon Go allows you to be engaged in literally any part of the world. Plus, you can get to know people who are playing the game no matter where you are.

3. Draw Something

draw something - games to play with friends

When you are hoping for a simple game to play on your Android or iPhone, you may want to try Draw Something because it is a silly game that is very easy to play. You are asked to draw something, and your friends are asked to guess what you have drawn. You might not be very good at drawing, or you might run out of time to draw something that looks close to the description you were given.

You will find yourself laughing at your own bad attempts to draw, and this is one of the multiplayer games that allows you to simply respond when you have time. This is a good distraction when you are at work, or you could play this game while you are traveling because you do not need to focus on it too much.

4. UNO

uno - multiplayer app game

UNO is the perfect game to play with friends when you are all gathered around or if you are all bored in different parts of the world. Multiplayer apps that mimic old board games or card games do not always stand up to the original game. However, UNO is just as wild as the original game. You can download it to your Android or iPhone right now, and you can play without anyone who has the game. Plus, you are forced to abide by the rules. This can make the game much harder for everyone because you must use strategy to win.

Even if you have been playing UNO for a long time, you will still get upset when your friend gives you a Draw Four and ruins your chances of winning. Then, you can do the same to the next person in the game. In some cases, UNO can go on forever. sweetwater coupons

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is not a multiplayer game, but Snapchat has a lot of different games buried in its programming that you can play with friends. You match your pictures with the games you play like drawing, slot machines, charades, and many more. You will find that this can be a good distraction when you and your friends already use Snapchat, and you will as be happy to see their faces in the game. You get to have that constant interaction you were looking for even if you are hundreds of miles apart.

Choosing a multiplayer app for you and your friends is not as hard as you thought. You have some amazing options above, and you can get as many people involved as you want. You can stump your friends with your bad drawings, or you can search for Pokémon in the field. You may also want to sit around and play UNO, send pictures on Snapchat, or guess all the words that are contained in your next letter set.

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